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2022 Business License Renewal


  1. 1. Business License Information
  2. 2. Business and Contact Information
  3. 3. Required Documents
  4. 4. Business License Directory
  5. 5. Business License Directory Update
  6. 6. Declaration
  • Business License Information

    1. Business Licence Information

      A valid current Business License is required to operate a business within the Town of Black Diamond. This license is also valid for business operations within the Town of Turner Valley.  Business licenses are valid until December 31st of each calendar year and are renewed annually. Renewal notices will automatically be mailed to you at the end of each calendar year unless you are applying for a seasonal, monthly, or weekly license, or you notify us otherwise. Renewals not completed by January 31 will be subject to a 20% penalty.

    2. I received my renewal notice.
    3. My business and contact information on the form is correct and current.