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Town of Black Diamond Event Signs

Advertise Your Community Events For FREE*

Do you have a community event coming up that you want to make the town aware of?

The town of Black Diamond has double sided event signs at all entrances to the the town. 

  1. Center Avenue; East Entrance (by Rona)
  2. Government Road; South Entrance (by Hospital)
  3. 5th Street SW & Center Ave; West Entrance (by Lions campground)

What you get when you rent the signs

  1. One week of advertising on one side of ALL 3 signs
    1. Reservations are for the Tuesday-->following Monday
    2. You pick up your letters from the Oilfields Regional Arena between 8am-4pm Tuesday
    3. You return your letters the following Monday between 8am-4pm
  2. Each sign holds 5 lines and 16 letters on ea line
    1. You must submit your wording at time of booking in order to give the team time to pick your letters for your reservation.
    2. Each line can be a combination of both letters and numbers
  3. User is responsible for picking up letters from arena, putting them up on the sign boards and returning the letters back to the arena on time.
  4. Cost = FREE* advertising

Booking requests

All booking requests can be made through this web page**, by calling the arena @ 403-933-5272, or by email.  It is advised to get your request in as soon as possible as we are only able to accommodate 2 bookings per sign each week.

**To book via this webpage you click "Request Reservation" put in the week that you want to book the signs starting on a Tuesday and ending on a Monday at least one week in advance.  Add all your information into the online form and we will get back to you with a confirmation.  Your reservation is NOT booked until you receive a confirmation.


It is FREE for all local community groups & public relations to advertise their events. We do require a deposit check to hold your reservation; we reserve the right to withhold sign deposits and invoice user for damaged, lost, or non-returned letters.

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