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Ice Skating (IceSkating01)

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Everyone wants a chance to enjoy all the ice surfaces the town has to offer.  The small outdoor rink has open drop in ice skating, no sticks or pucks allowed while people want to skate; however, kids, parents, community members alike want the chance to also be able to skate on the SSSR and the ORA without the worry of getting in the way of a game of hockey.  These ice times provide the community with just that, time designated strictly for those who want to be able to skate around without the worry of pucks flying past them.

Please also note that you can check the SSSR schedule and anytime there isn't something booked is also first come first serve ice time for all community members.  The ice during these times is shared ice so everyone needs to be respectful of that.  If you want private ice time either inside or out where that ice is for JUST YOU and your FAMILY or FRIENDS, you can book through the arena or online.  Always check the online calendars below for available booking times.

SSSR outdoor

ORA indoor

Open Sessions