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We have been working hard on the Black Diamond Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). We want to share our work with you!

We are currently in Phase 3 of the Downtown ARP project. Using your feedback from Phase 1 & 2, engagement and information we collected from technical studies, we have completed a draft of the Downtown Black Diamond – Area Redevelopment Plan. This Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) provides a framework for the planning and future development of the Town of Black Diamond’s Downtown. The draft has been circulated to applicable agencies and stakeholders and is being finalized prior to being presented to Council.

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About the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

Downtown Black Diamond is the physical, social, and economic heart of the community. Investment in the downtown is needed to ensure user safety, improved accessibility, enhanced vibrancy, and long-term economic viability. We want the downtown to reinforce the area’s unique identify and create a comfortable and engaging pedestrian experience. As a result, the Town is developing an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for downtown Black Diamond and the highway corridor to outline a clear long-term vision for the area.

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What we heard

The Town of Black Diamond hosted a Virtual Workshop with members of the public on January 26, 2022. Sticky note comment capturing was used during the virtual workshop to capture the breakout room discussions for each topic. Whiteboard 1 is the comments captured by each breakout room for each topic. Whiteboard 2 is the summary of the notes captured by common theme. Please note the document size is quite large, use the zoom feature and slider bar on the pdf to view.

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Downtown Black Diamond is the physical, social, and economic heart of the community.

Alberta Transportation has a long-term plan to widen Centre Avenue and Government Road (Highway 22) from 2 to 4 lanes to provide additional vehicular capacity. This widening, should it happen, could have significant impacts to the character, functionality, and economic viability of Downtown Black Diamond. Further, investments in the downtown are needed to ensure user safety, improved accessibility, and enhanced vibrancy. In addition, the Town would like to ensure the form and character of redevelopment within the downtown reinforces the community’s unique identity and creates a comfortable and engaging pedestrian experience.

The Town has initiated the development of an ARP to clearly outline a vision for the Downtown and the highway corridors, and to identify the key actions the Town can take to achieve this vision.

Black Diamond - Downtown Plan - Study Area - 20210922

Stay Informed and GET INVOLVED

 The Town of Black Diamond has retained Urban Systems to prepare the Downtown ARP and facilitate the public engagement for the project.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to ensure engagement opportunities are aligned with provincial health and safety guidance, engagement events will be held in accordance with direction from the Town of Black Diamond and the appropriate public health measures.

We will post regular updates about the project as well as upcoming events on this page, so bookmark it and keep coming back! If you have any questions about the project, please email  

Project Timeline

Black Diamond Project Phase Timeline- Phase 1

Phase 1. Building Understanding

This phase includes the first opportunities for engagement. The intent of the first phase of the project is to build an understanding of the current state of the downtown and highway corridor from a variety of perspectives.  The first phase will allow the project team to become familiar with background information, conduct site analysis, and meet with the Stakeholder Working Group.  Public input received during this phase will help the project team understand the aspirations, opportunities, and challenges within the Downtown and along the highway corridor.  

Phase 2. Determining Direction

During this phase we will use input received during Phase 1 engagement to help craft a community-driven, cohesive vision for the Downtown and the highway corridor that reflects the imagination, aspirations, and commitment of the community.

Phase 3. Developing the Plan

During this phase, we will draft and review the preliminary Downtown ARP with the community to receive feedback on the community-driven vision and the key components of the plan.

Phase 4. Prioritizing Key Actions

During this phase, we will share how your input from Phase 3 helped refine the Downtown ARP. We will share with the community the Final Downtown ARP and Implementation Plan. We will seek your feedback about project prioritisation and timing.