How Can I Make a Payment?

There are several ways that people can pay amounts owing to the Town.  Please review the information available on the following pages to find the best way for your to make your payment(s).  If you can't find a suitable option, please call the Town Office for more information, 403.933.4348

  • What bills or invoices can I pay by credit card, and how do I do this?Payment-Options
    • Are there fees applicable?  Yes there are, click the link to find the fee schedule.
  • How can I pay my Utility Bill?  
    • Can I set up automatic withdrawals for this? Yes, you can!  Click the link to learn how.
  • How can I pay my Property Taxes?  
    • Can I set up automatic withdrawals for this?  Yes, you can!  Click the link to learn more.

If you are not able to attend the office in person during regular office hours, there are other options for you to pay any amounts owing, the most often asked-about are utility bills and property taxes, listed above.  However, there are other kinds of fees and amounts that need to be paid.  Many of the same options apply:

  • On-line banking with your financial service provider.  You make payments through your bank at your discretion.  Please call your bank’s branch for further information or to set up your on-line banking account.
  • Cheques (or money orders) can be mailed to the Town Office, brought into the Town Office during regular business hours or placed in the overnight depository (just left of the Town Office main doors on the upper level). 
  • Cash is accepted at the Town Office during regular office hours. Please do not mail cash or use the overnight depository for cash payments.
  • Interac/Debit cards can be used during regular office hours at the Town Office.  
  • Credit Card payments may be made online, using Option Pay.  All transaction fees applicable to any credit card payments will be the sole responsibility of the cardholder, and will be automatically charged to the cardholder’s account.