Shuttle Rules

Travel Tips & Guidelines

Plan Ahead: Call 403-861-2081 to book your trip or for assistance in planning your journey.

Arrive Fashionably Early: The Shuttle may run early or late, particularly due to weather or traffic. To ensure you make your bus, plan on being ready ten minutes before the scheduled transit arrival time.

Be Visible: At darker times of the day and year, wear visible clothing.

Stay Seated and Buckle Up: Seat belts are available on the Shuttle and should be used at all times. Stay seated while the vehicle is in motion. Children should use an appropriate car seat or booster seat. Please give advanced notice if you will be bringing a car seat on board. Standees are NOT allowed on the vehicle.

Personal Belongings: Please ensure that all of your belongings are placed on your lap or at your feet.

Lost & Found: If you find something on the bus, give it to a transit driver. Found items will be kept up to 4 weeks. Lost something? Call 403-933-4348 to check the lost & found.

Remember That Transit Belongs to All of Us

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed on the Shuttle.
  • Take any garbage with you when you exit.
  • Use headphones if listening to radios, cell phones or noise making devices of any kind and keep volume low enough that other passengers can’t hear it.
  • Keep conversations to an appropriate volume and respect others by keeping language clean.

For Your Safety

The following items are never permitted on the Shuttle vehicle:

  • Clothing or personal hygiene that is offensive to others.
  • Open alcohol or consumption of alcohol.
  • Smoking or vaping of any kind.
  • Dangerous goods, sharps, flammable or explosive items.
  • Firearms (even if cased and secured), except for Police Officers.

Abusive behavior toward our transit staff or other passengers, swearing or disruptive conduct will not be tolerated.

Service Animals

Service animals assist persons with disabilities. A service animal is permitted on the Shuttle if:

  • The service animal can be identified through visual indicators such as a vest or harness; or
  • Upon request, documentation from a regulated health professional confirms the need for a service animal.

Pets are not allowed on the Shuttle.

Mobility Aid Accessible Buses: Passengers using wheelchairs and scooters

The vans used for this service are accessible with a rear hydraulic lift that can be used by a passenger using a wheelchair or scooter. The maximum weight (mobility aid plus passenger) that can be carried (based on lift and wheelchair securement equipment maximums) is 160kg/352 lbs.

Call 403-861-2081 to schedule your trip