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Beginning June 4, 2020, the Town of Black Diamond will be revising the garbage collection schedule by changing collection days from Thursdays and Fridays to Thursdays only. 

Please visit this page often to learn about changes to your garbage collection procedure.

May 13, 2020:  All garbage carts are required to be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.  Here’s how to get your tags.  

From May 21 to 22 and May 28 to 29, the Town of Black Diamond is asking all residents to leave garbage carts out for the entire day, on their scheduled collection day. This will allow Town staff to equip garbage carts with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that will be used to collect service data from each cart.

“For example, if your scheduled pickup day is on Friday, then we ask that you place your cart out for regular collection, but leave it out until 7:00 PM. This will give us enough time to tag your cart,” said the Town’s Public Works Manager Tom Dougall.

The RFID tags will help track cart collection, improve cart management service, and customer service.

The tags are a part of the garbage pilot project the Town is participating in with the towns of Okotoks and Turner Valley. During the pilot project’s duration, the Town will be reducing the collection days to Thursdays only.

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