Mission and Vision

Council is looking towards the future of Black Diamond. When doing so, it is important that Councillors agree on what the final destination looks like. With this in mind, Town Council first decides on the Town’s ideal long-term future (Vision) and the general direction it will take to achieve that future (Mission).  

A community's vision provides a long-term picture of where or what the community wishes to be or become. The vision also indicates what makes Black Diamond unique.

A town's mission answers a question about what business the community is in.  It lets readers know what Black Diamond does and who benefits.  The mission statement was created based on key ideas about how to achieve the Town's vision.

Vision Statement

Black Diamond is a safe and welcoming community that celebrates history and innovation, while embracing a sustainable future.

Mission Statement

Black Diamond is a forward-thinking community that promotes our heritage while building for the future.  With a small-town atmosphere and innovative services, we meet the needs of a growing and multigenerational population.  We are home to inspiring people who thrive in a creative environment.

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