Our Mission & Vision

Serving Our Community

Our corporate mission statement identifies our distinct purpose to which we dedicate our work life. This is the reason for our existence and it clearly defines why we exist and who we serve.

Corporate Vision

We value sustainability and promote a safe, clean and healthy environment. We strive to develop and maintain effective partnerships within our organization and with surrounding communities. We are open, effective and responsible to our citizens.

We encourage ongoing education for all members of our organization, and work together for a common goal. We value the diverse beliefs and opinions of our community. Through active leadership, we constantly strive to improve service to our citizens

Strategic Plan

The Town of Black Diamond's Strategic Plan (PDF) is a living document. Council and Staff meet annually to review the plan and determine what works well for us and where we can offer improvements. In 2009, the planning session included a work group that focussed on merging the strategic plan with the Town's Municipal Sustainability Plan. Both documents were currently in use by the Town, however it was felt that it would be beneficial to put them together to create a better-aligned vision for the future, and an action plan to assist in achieving that vision. The strategic plan therefore now includes Appendix A, which is the Municipal Sustainability Plan, as well as Appendix B, which contains a listing of future action items. The working session for the 2011-2014 plan worked to better align the Strategic Plan with the Sustainability Plan.