Business Support Services

The following support services are in place to help everyone from a first time entrepreneur with a new business idea wanting to know how to get started, to a well established business owner wanting to grow. From a single employee business to multi-employee operation. From a home-based business to a commercial storefront to a light industrial business. We encourage you to take advantage of these services to give your business an innovative edge and ensure success. Feel free to email Economic Development for more information.

Further Assistance for New and Existing Businesses

A successful business is a reflection of the owner's hard work, vision and dedication, but from time to time a helping hand may be required. It is the mission of the Town of Black Diamond to continue to have the support in place to help you with ongoing success and to help you grow, when you are ready to. We believe that providing the right kind of support to business owners not only helps them, it helps to build a stronger business community that works together.