Local Wildlife

Here in the beautiful Town of Black Diamond, we reside along the peaceful Sheep River valley. Encountering wildlife is a natural part of everyday life in this area of the Foothills.

Types of Wildlife

At different times of the year, you could be fortunate enough to see deer, moose, elk, bear, and cougar both in and around Town, as the surrounding area contains several wildlife corridors.

Share the Spaces

These corridors are important habitat for many wildlife species, and we must remember that we need to share these spaces with the original four-legged inhabitants. Usually these animals move through town without incident, however, it is important to remember that they can become aggressive if they are injured or if they feel threatened or challenged in any way, particularly if they are traveling with their offspring.

Skunks are common in the Foothills area, and you may not want to share your space with skunks. They look for food, insects, garbage and shelter. In order to discourage them from staying, remove any of their food sources, be sure to seal up any entry points under decks and outbuildings. To trap or remove a skunk, please call a pest control company. 

Safety Tips

Do not approach wildlife. Keep your distance, for your safety and theirs.

For more information on these species and what to do if you encounter them please follow the following links.

If you have seen or had contact with any potentially dangerous wildlife please report directly to Alberta Fish and Wildlife.