Emergency Preparedness

In the case of a current emergency in the Town of Black Diamond, view the Emergency Management page for further instructions or information that will be made available to Black Diamond residents as required. The Town's website will be the first and primary source of communications during any emergency. Communications will then follow via local radio, printed information or other channels of communication as available and as required. You may also "like" the Town of Black Diamond on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to ensure you have the latest information possible.

Seasonal Flood Monitoring
If you would like to have information at your fingertips regarding snow pack levels, Sheep River flow data, weather forecasts, etc., the Seasonal Flood Monitoring (PDF) document contains links to all this information and more.

How Do I Prepare?
  • Have you got an Emergency Preparedness Kit? Visit the Federal Government website to learn more about emergencies, preparing for them and how you can help protect your family and your property. Everyone should have a 72 Hour Emergency Kit - always ready to go at a moment's notice.
  • Have you got an emergency plan? You and your family should all know the plan - just like a fire drill. Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit should be part of that plan.
  • If you have to evacuate, be sure that you follow all evacuation instructions and register at the Reception Centre, even if you plan to go to another location for the duration of the emergency. The Town may need to contact you prior to your return.
  • Know where to find information about what's happening in your community during the emergency. Do your best to stay informed. Visit the Town's website first - as long as we have internet capabilities, we'll be updating the website. If you don't have access to the internet or 3G service, others you know might, and your families and friends will be able to know what's happening in Black Diamond too. Check local radio stations and watch for printed materials as well to get the latest information.
72 Hour Emergency Kits
Not sure what a 72 Hour Emergency Kit might look like? The kit pictured below is for a family of 2 adults with no pets. Please note that this kit was created for a travelling display, and so no cash and no water was included in it. Both items are strongly recommended to be in your 72 Hour Emergency Kit (PDF). The list of items contained in this regular-sized duffel bag is here to view, along with the 2012 cost to assemble it all. Recommended items for pets were also included in the list, but are not contained in this kit. They should be packed in a separate kit, in case your pets need to be at another location.
72 Hour Emergency Kit - 2 Adults, No Pets
More information to help you prepare for an emergency:
Visit the Province of Alberta's website for more information on Emergency Preparedness.

Residential Flood Support
Disaster Recovery Program (DRP)
Provincial Disaster Recovery Assistance - In January 2015 the Province announced that 90% of eligible funding will be advance to Albertans with an open DRP file from the 2013 southern Alberta flood. If you have an open application, you will be contacted directly by DRP staff and they will help you through the processes to close your file.

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