Property Taxes

2019 Property Tax Notices

Pursuant to Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act 2000, R.S.A., Chapter M-26 as amended, the 2019 Property Tax Notices for the Town of Black Diamond were mailed the week of May 30, 2019 to all assessed property owners. Town of Black Diamond property owners are deemed to have received their tax notices as a result of the publication of this notice.

Due Dates

Property taxes are always due on July 15th of each year, penalties will be levied against all outstanding current balances at the closing of business on July 15.

View the 2019-18 comparison pie chart showing where your tax dollars go.

Paying Your Property Taxes

There are several different ways in which residents can pay their property taxes.

  • Join TIPPs (Tax Installment Payment Program). Scroll down to read more about this program
  • On-line banking with your financial service provider - call your bank's branch for further information or to set up your on-line banking account.
  • Cheques can be mailed to the Town Office, brought into the Town Office during regular business hours or placed in the overnight depository (just left of the Town Office main doors on the upper level).  Please do not mail cash.
  • Cash is accepted at the Town Office during regular office hours. Please do not use the overnight depository for cash payments.
  • Interac can be used during regular office hours at the Town Office. If you wish to pay the full amount of your property tax in one payment, please contact your bank to determine your daily transaction limit prior to visiting the Town Office.
  • P.I.T. - your mortgage company pays your property taxes each year, and includes that amount in your mortgage payments. If you are paying out your mortgage in the near future, you will need to determine the method that best suits you to handle your property taxes after your mortgage is fully paid. Please check with your mortgage holder to determine your needs if this is the case for you.
If you are not making your payment in person at the office, the Town does not (generally) mail out receipts.  However, if you would like to receive a receipt for your payment, please let us know that when you make your payment.  You can also call the office at 403-933-4348 or email the Tax Clerk and request that a receipt be mailed or emailed to you.  

At this time, the Town of Black Diamond is soon going to accept payment by credit card.

Tax Instalment Payment Program

Please read TIPPs Information (PDF) to learn more about the benefits of the TIPPs program, and how it can help you pay your property taxes in monthly payments.


The TIPPs Application Form (PDF) is available here to download. Please fill it out, and return it to the Town Office to the attention of the Tax and Utility Clerk. She will verify the eligibility of the applicant, and confirm the instalment amounts due for the first half of the year. Please call the Town Office at 403-933-4348 and ask to speak with the Tax Clerk if you would like:
  • More information
  • To make sure you are eligible to apply for the TIPPs Program
  • To determine your monthly instalment
  • To discuss a concern with your current TIPPs account


From January to June, the instalments made are based on the previous year's property tax amount. When the tax notices are sent out (usually between mid-May and early June) they will show the new instalment amounts to begin on July 1 of the current year, and carrying through to June of the next year.