"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors. We borrow it from our Children."   Ancient Indian Proverb

 The Town of Black Diamond is committed to being a healthy, attractive and economically viable community.  We work hard to provide the kind of leadership that makes it possible for our residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy all the benefits of a sustainable future. 

Our Sustainability Plan
We're proud of the vision, values and goals we have developed for our great community.

A Sustainable Black Diamond
A sustainability plan is really about leaving a legacy for future generations.  The Town of Black Diamond has joined Partners for Climate Protection - Five Milestone Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Click on the link to read more...

Residential Sustainability
Learn more about the social and environmental sustainability plan for Black Diamond.

Economic Sustainability
Learn more about the economic sustainability plan for Black Diamond.


Sustainable Black Diamond Advisory Committee has produced a brochure "Nurturing and Supporting Sustainable Practices in our Community" to help our residents make simple and sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

Low Flow Toilet Utility Rebate Program Policy, as well as the Rebate Application Form


Bylaws and Policies 

Municipal Sustainability Plan  
Policy # 12-60  Green Reserve Fund  
Bylaw 08-14    Water Conservation Measures Bylaw
Bylaw 03-10    Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw for the Town of Black Diamond
Bylaw 03-13    Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw Amendment

Links to websites that may be of interest

 Town Office Alternative Energy      Live data
 Arena Alternative Energy -            Live data
 Reclaimed Water Working Group  
 The Blue Bucket Crew                  
 Lasso the Sun                                  
 Municipal Climate Change Action Center Project Showcase 
 Energy Your Way                          
 Fortis Alberta Tools and Resources