Looking for a bylaw?  Here's some things you should know:

All of the original bylaws have been signed.  Most of the bylaws you will find here are not scanned copies of the signed originals, but digital reproductions.  However, we never post bylaws on our website until they have received 3rd reading by Council, and been signed by the Mayor and the CAO.  So, any bylaw that's posted on our website is a current and valid bylaw.

All bylaws are subject to amendments.  We make every attempt to keep our bylaws current and timely for our residents to research, but if you wish to ensure that you have all of the available bylaws and amendments applicable to any topic, please contact us.


All Town of Black Diamond bylaws are numbered in the same fashion.  We use a YR-## format.  The first 2 digits indicate the year the bylaw was passed.  The last digits indicate the chronological order in which the bylaw was researched and then prepared for Council's deliberation.


Commonly Requested Bylaws 

Animal Control Bylaw 14-05 

Animal Control Bylaw 14-13 -amendment

Animal Control Byalaw 15-03 - amendment

Business Licensing Bylaw (09-18)

Fire Bylaw (00-22)

Fire Inspection Bylaw - 12-04

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Bylaw (10-04)

Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw (03-10)

Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw Amendment (03-13)

Public Order Bylaw (04-11)

Street Tree Maintenance Bylaw (10-08)

Traffic Bylaw (02-09)

Unsightly Property Bylaw (05-06)

Water Conservation Measures Bylaw (08-14)

Water Use and Conservation Bylaw (14-14)

Waste Bylaw (07-30)

Waste Bylaw Amendment - Fee Schedule A (11-04)

Water & Sewer Utility Rate Bylaw (05-09)

Water & Sewer Bylaw (15-01) - Amendment