Phone Directory

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Joanne Irwin     C.A.O.   403-933-4348
Verna Staples     Legislative Services Manager   403-933-4348
Shaunene Bishop     Clerk   403-933-4348
Shirley Campbell     Finance Manager   403-933-4348
Dixie Price     Accounting Clerk   403-933-4348
Mary Martineau     Tax & Utilities Clerk   403-933-4348
Karen Coolen     Municipal Clerk   403-933-4348
Yvonne Johnson     Receptionist   403-933-4348

Emergency Management
Jamie Campbell     Director of Emergency Management   403-933-4348

Family and Community Support Services
Suzan Nagel     FCSS Coordinator   403-933-4348

Fire Department
Fire Inspection (Business)       403-933-4348    
Jamie Campbell     Fire Chief   403-933-4348
Grant Spicer     Deputy Fire Chief   403-933-4348    

Parks & Recreation
Oilfields Regional Arena       403-933-5272
Les Quinton     Parks & Recreation Manager   403-933-5272

Planning & Development
Rod Ross     Planning & Development Officer   403-933-4348
Ellyn Nguyen     Geographical Information Coordinator   403-933-4348

Protective Services
Jim Berry     Community Peace Officer   403-312-6532
Devon Bartek     Community Peace Officer   403-312-6533

Public Works
Tom Dougall     Public Works Supervisor   403-933-7599
Emergency After Hours       403-650-8914