Phone Directory

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Joanne Irwin     C.A.O.   403.933.4348
Verna Staples     Legislative Services Manager   403.933.4348
Shaunene Bishop     Clerk   403.933.4348
Shirley Campbell     Finance Manager   403.933.4348
Dixie Price     Accounting Clerk   403.933.4348
Mary Martineau     Tax & Utilities Clerk   403.933.4348
Karen Coolen     Municipal Clerk   403.933.4348
Yvonne Johnson     Receptionist   403.933.4348

Economic Development
David Petrovich     Economic Development and Event Coordinator   403.933.4348

Emergency Management
Jamie Campbell     Director of Emergency Management   403.933.4348

Family and Community Support Services
Suzan Nagel     FCSS Coordinator   403.933.4348

Fire Department
Fire Inspection (Business)       403.933.4348    
Jamie Campbell     Fire Chief   403.933.4348    
Grant Spicer     Deputy Fire Chief   403.933.4348    

Parks & Recreation
Les Quinton     Parks & Recreation Manager   403.933.5272
Oilfields Regional Arena       403.933.5272

Planning & Development
Rod Ross     Planning & Development Officer   403.933.4348
Ellyn Nguyen     Geographical Information Coordinator   403.933.4348

Protective Services
Jim Berry     Community Peace Officer   403.312.6532
Devon Bartek     Community Peace Officer   403.312.6533

Public Works
Tom Dougall     Public Works Supervisor   403.933.7599
Emergency After Hours       403.650.8914