Who to contact and what is their mandate...

Economic Development and Events Coordinator
Phone: 403-933-4348, ext 202
Fax: 403-933-5865

Roles:  Economic Development 
               1. Support the Economic Development Committee; 
               2. Supprt local businesses by;
                      - providing information regarding,
                                     - joint advertising opportunities
                                     - funding resources
                                     - referral sources
                                     - potential sites for relocation
                      - adding them to the Town of Black Diamond's website;
               3. Attract new businesses.

          Events Coordination 
               1. Assist the EDC with Town sponsored/supported events;
                        - Black Diamond Parade
                        - Canada Day
                        - Marv's Rock N' Roll Classic
                        - Light-Up Black Diamond;
               2. Obtain government grants.