Oilfields Recycling Depot

The recycling depot is located in Turner Valley at 106 Royal Avenue NE (east of the firehall). 

Services for this depot are financially shared by both Black Diamond and Turner Valley, however the operations are managed by the Town of Turner Valley.  Please visit the Town of Turner Valley's website for the most current information on hours of operation, new programs, etc. at the Oilfields Recycling Depot.

Rain Barrels and Totes - June 17, 2014

 Over the past 30 days the Recycle Centre has experiences a surge in the sales of rain barrels and totes. We have sold in excess of 120 rain barrels and 16 of the rain totes. This exceeds the volume of sales we have experiences over the previous five year period.

It is apparent that the message about the need to conserve water, through rain water harvesting initiatives is gaining in popularity. In just taking a look at the water barrels and totes sold in the last 30 day, the amount of water saved is in the range of 73,000 litres.

Rain barrels are 160 litres, times 120 rain barrels filled on the average 5 times per year equals 57,600 litres. The rain totes are 1000 litres, times 16, filled once per year equals 16,000 litres, for a total of 73,600 litres.

This eliminates the need for 73,600 litres of treated water, being one of the most costly support systems in a Municipality. If we were to harvest the rainwater from every house in both towns, we would be able to eliminate the need to treat 22.5 million gallons to potable quality.

Water conservation works and the key lies in adopting water saving measures at home.

100 Ways to Conserve Water


Diamond Transfer Station (Compost Collection Site)

The Diamond Transfer Station (Compost Collection area) is available to residents for disposal of tree branches, lawn clippings, garden waste etc. Please click on the link for more information, including hours of operation.

Hazardous waste items can be taken to the Okotoks Landfill site.

To access the Transfer Station, from Black Diamond, head west on Centre Avenue, cross the bridge, turn right on 402 Avenue W., and then turn right again onto 160th Street W. and travel approximately ¼ mile. The site is on the left.