Commissioner for Oaths

The Town of Black Diamond currently has only 1 Commissioner for Oaths on staff.  Commissioner for Oaths service is generally (but not guaranteed to be) available at the Town Office between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.mPlease call IN ADVANCE to make your appointment.  Please read the following information below with respect to accessing these services:

Commissioner for Oaths vs. Notary Public - Which do I need?

  • The Town of Black Diamond does not have a Notary Public. If your paperwork requires a Notary Public, we are unable to provide this service. You will probably need to seek the services of a lawyer.
  • The person who will administer your oath in the Town of Black Diamond is a Commissioner for Oaths In and For the Province of Alberta.  If your paperwork is not being filed or used within the Province of Alberta, you will need to see a Notary Public or a Federal Commissioner for Oaths - even if your paperwork states that a Commissioner for Oaths can administer the Oath.
    Please confirm, in writing, that a Commissioner for Oaths for the Province of Alberta is acceptable to the organization receiving your documentation prior to bringing your paperwork in.

 The Commissioner for Oaths Cannot...

The Commissioner for Oaths (and the Town of Black Diamond) is unable to provide any legal advice. If you have any questions regarding the meaning of the paperwork or how to fill it out correctly, you should consult a lawyer. Please remember that you are signing and swearing an Oath with your documentation, and you should be fully aware of all matters regarding the documents when you arrive to have the Commissioner administer the Oath for you.

  • As Commissioners for Oaths, we receive our authority from Alberta Justice. We are permitted to commission affidavits and statutory declarations in and for Alberta only. This means we are not permitted to commission documents leaving the Province of Alberta.  For example, consent letters for minors travelling abroad (school trips, rodeo), pension verification documents, or documents for the Government of Canada.
  • Often when disposing of land either by gift or sale, certain documents are required with respect to the Dower Act. Some of these forms deal with the waiving of certain rights under the Dower Act and the Town Commissioner for Oaths does not commission these forms. 
  • Some insurance documents deal with the waiving of rights and the Town Commissioner for Oaths does not commission these forms.
  • A Commissioner for Oaths (in the Province of Alberta) is unable to commission ANY passport documentation with the exception of Forms PPTC 132, PPTC 203 and PPTC 261. Please check your passport application for a list of persons that are able to assist you with other passport documentation.
  • A Commissioner for Oaths cannot officiate a marriage ceremony.  For this, you need a Marriage Commissioner.  A provincial listing of Marriage Commissioners can be found on the Service Alberta website.

 What do I need to do?

  • Please call 403-933-4348 prior to coming to the Town Office in order to make an appointment with the Commissioner of Oaths to administer the oath required. The Town of Black Diamond may be unable to provide a Commissioner for Oaths as there is currently only 1 Commissioner for Oaths in the Black Diamond Town Office, and the Commissioning of Oaths is a service provided to residents, outside of regular staff duties.
  • Please ensure that the main body of the paperwork is completed prior to attending the Town Office.
  • You must sign the document at the Town Office in the presence of the Commissioner at the time the oath is given. The Commissioner may refuse to administer the Oath, if it is not signed in their presence.
  • Please bring a piece of recognized photo identification to verify your identity (driver's license, passport, student ID, etc.).
  • If your paperwork has exhibits, you must ensure that you bring those also. Failure to do so may cause the Commissioner to refuse to administer the Oath.
  • If your paperwork requires a witness to your signature and the affidavit of execution requires the witness to say that they "personally know you," you must have a witness (who knows you personally) attend the Town Office with you to complete the affidavit. If the staff at the Town Office know you personally, the Town can assist you by providing such a witness. Please ask about this when you call ahead to schedule time with the Commissioner for Oaths.
  • If you require a translator, it is up to you to bring a person who can translate for you.

Please note:   This is a service provided, at no cost, for the convenience of our residents.
**  If at any time the Commissioner for Oaths is unsure of the documentation provided or is in any way uncomfortable with administering the oath, they reserve the right to refuse this service.