Community Sustainability

Community Sustainability is practiced on a larger scale.  The following are some links to assist residents in learing about sustainability as a whole, as well as some of the Town's Policies for implementing sustainable business practices.

Bylaws and Policies 

Municipal Sustainability Plan  
Policy # 12-60  Green Reserve Fund  
Bylaw 08-14   Water Conservation Measures Bylaw
Bylaw 03-10    Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw for the Town of Black Diamond
Bylaw 03-13    Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw Amendment

Documents and Information

Energy from Waste Research Project Summary Report 
   -Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Alliance (Sept. 2011) 
2010 Municipal Solar Site Comparison
2009 Renewable Energy Certificates

2010 Renewable Energy Certificates

Links to websites that may be of interest

Reclaimed Water Working Group    The Province of Alberta
The Blue Bucket Crew    EPCOR Water Conservation tips
Lasso the Sun   Climate Change Central - Alberta Solar Municipal Showcase
                        tracks how much energy Solar Array and Wind Turbines located at the
                        Oilfields Regional Arena have generated.
Municipal Climate Change Action Center Project Showcase 
Energy Your Way (Home Energy Savings Guide) - Fortis Alberta
Fortis Alberta Tools and Resources - to help residents increase the energy efficiency of their homes