Community Sustainability

Community Sustainability is practiced on a larger scale.  The following are some links to assist residents in learing about sustainability as a whole, as well as some of the Town's Policies for implementing sustainable business practices.

Bylaws and Policies 

Municipal Sustainability Plan  
Policy # 12-60  Green Reserve Fund  
Bylaw 08-14    Water Conservation Measures Bylaw
Bylaw 03-10    Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw for the Town of Black Diamond
Bylaw 03-13    Pesticide Right to Know Bylaw Amendment

Links to websites that may be of interest

       Town Office Alternative Energy      Live data
       Arena Alternative Energy -            Live data
       Reclaimed Water Working Group   The Province of Alberta
       Lasso the Sun                               Climate Change Central - Alberta Solar Municipal     
       Municipal Climate Change Action Center Project Showcase 
       Energy Your Way                           Home Energy Savings Guide - Fortis Alberta
       Fortis Alberta Tools and Resources  Increase the energy efficiency of your home