Financial Information

Please call the Town Office at 403-933-4348 or email us at if you are looking for specific items that are not available here.

Please note that it takes quite some time to complete and finalize the audited financial statements and other year end financial reporting.  The Town's fiscal yearend is December 31st of each year.  The audited financial statements and other relevant financial reports will be presented to Council for their acceptance.  These reports will be placed on the website following acceptance by Council. 

Please be patient, many of these documents are large and may take a few moments to download.

Budget-related questions posed to Council

2015:  Can I see the 2014 budgets?  - Council passes the budget annually in a Council meeting, and so the proposed budget is available in that meeting's Agenda package for viewing and also included in the Minutes where the resolution to accept (or amend) the budget is passed.  The 2014 budget was passed at the June 4, 2014 Regular meeting of Council.  Some people are asking for more detail, and so the Finance department has provided a segmented budget for 2014, to provide more information for those who wish to see it.

2013:  What are the operating costs of the Arenas, why don't user fees cover the entire cost of operations of the recreation facilities, and why does the Town operate an outdoor arena in a community subject to chinooks?  Click here for the response.

Annual Financial Documents and Information

2014 Tax Pie Chart  "Where Your Tax Dollars Go"

Bylaw 15-07 Tax Rates           

Foothills Foundation Information


Town of Black Diamond Financial Statements

2014 Audited Financial Statement

2013 Municipal Information Report

2013 Audited Financial Statement

2012 Audited Financial Statements

2011 Audited Financial Statements

2010 Audited Financial Statements 

2009 Audited Financial Statements            

2008 Audited Financial Statements