Property Assessments

How is Your Property Assessed?
Residential  properties are assessed as of July 1 of the previous year.  The assessment should reflect what would have been a reasonable selling price at July 1 and then include any physical changes to your property (additions, renovations, demolitions, etc.) as at December 31 of that year.

Commercial  properties are assessed in a slightly different manner.  The Province has changed the process for these assessments, and they are now based on lease-rate studies and income studies of comparative properties.

For more detailed information about your assessment, you can:

  • read the brochure Is Your Property Assessment Fair and Accurate published by the Province of Alberta.
  • read the brochure Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta (this brochure may take a few moments to download)
  • contact the Town Office at 403-933-4348. If the administrative staff is unable to answer your questions, they will be pleased to give your contact information to the Assessor for the Town of Black Diamond. He will return your call to discuss your concerns.

Notice of Mailing:  Assessment Notices
Pursuant to Section 311(1) of the Municipal Government Act 2000, R.S.A., Chapter M-26 as amended, the Assessment Notices for the Town of Black Diamond were mailed on or about March 23, 2015 to all assessed property owners.  Town of Black Diamond property owners are deemed to have received their Assessment Notices as a result of the publication of this notice.


Please Remember
If you wish to make a formal complaint, your goal will be to show proof to the Assessment Review Board that the assessment on your property is not a fair estimate of the price your property would have sold for on July 1, 2014 or a fair estimate when compared to properties ofsimilar value.  Market value is not defined as the exact selling price of a property, but the most reasonable selling price.

Assessment complaints must be made in writing and received by the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board on or before May 22, 2015.

The appropriate fee must accompany the assessment complaint. The complaint must be filed on the prescribed form. Please see the Assessment Complaints page to access the required forms and further information on filing a complaint.


Would You Like to Speak With the Assessor?
If you have any questions regarding the information shown on your Assessment Notice, please call the Town Office at 403-933-4348.  It is possible that questions of a general nature can be answered directly by the Administrative staff.  If they are unable to answer your questions, they will notify the Assessor and he will get in touch with you to discuss your concerns with you directly.  The Assessor will make every reasonable attempt to respond to your concerns and resolve any issues to a state of mutual agreement.  If you feel that the matter requires further discussion, you can meet with him in person, by appointment only, on Thursday May 14, 2015. Please call the Town Office to schedule your appointment.


Alberta Education Requisitions
For information regarding these requisitions, please view the following:

For those residents who, upon receiving their 2014 Property Assessment Notices (for 2015 property taxes), discover that they are supporting an incorrect school system, you can access the School Support Notice Forms here to correct this situation:

Please be aware that any changes filed to your choice of School Support will not take place until the following property taxation year, as the requisitions for the current year have already been filed.  However, getting your correcting documentation to the Town Office as soon as possible will ensure that corrections are made and changes are in place well in advance of next year.


Seniors who wish to learn more about the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program can follow this link to the Province of Alberta website to read about the program and to access the required forms.  The forms can also be obtained at the Town Office during regular office hours.


Assessment Roll
To view the 2014 Assessment for 2015 Property Tax , click the link to download the Assessment Roll.  

The assessment roll is available to the public for research purposes.  Please ensure that when you are comparing properties, you are comparing properties of similar size and use, and that any improvements are similar in nature as well.    


The Town of Black Diamond would also like to advise any viewers of this document to be aware that changes may be made to the assessment roll after publication to our website, and that those changes may or may not be reflected on the website at the time that you conduct your research.