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2021 Business License Information Request

  1. 2021 Business License Information Request
    As follow up to your company's submitted business license renewal forms, some information was missing either on the form, or the page with the information was not returned for processing. In order to ensure our records are up to date, please fill in the information below. In order to ensure that we have your expressed consent, we ask yearly for permission to place your business on the online business directory and on the Economic Development Mailing List.
  2. Please list my business in the Black Diamond Business Directory*
    Directory listings can be updated at any time by emailing
  3. Please subscribe me to the Economic Development Mailing List.*

    Emails from Economic Development may include, but are not limited to:
    • Funding & Grant Opportunities

    • Updates from the Intermunicipal Economic Development Committee

    • Workshops & Webinars

    • Communications from the provincial and federal government; ie. COVID updates

    • Local events information and participation requests
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