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COVID-19 Hazard Assessment and Management - Recommendations Checklist

  1. Town of Black Diamond
  2. General Information
    To facilitate the re-opening and continued operation of local businesses under the Province of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy, the Town of Black Diamond Emergency Management Agency has prepared the following checklist and supplemental information as a summary of the province’s recommendations toward COVID-19 hazard assessment and management – particularly those presented in the Workplace Guidance for Business Owners.
  3. Please Note: Because the Provincial authorities’ management of this crisis is ever-evolving, the Town does not warrant the efficacy of these recommended measures, nor does it represent that they are complete or up-to-date at any particular time. In the course of considering and implementing these and other measures, the Town strongly encourages business owners to frequently consult the linked supplemental resources for further information and guidance.
  4. 1.
    Is my business allowed to be open under the Province of Alberta's Relaunch Strategy?
  5. 2.
    Have I posted appropriate signage to alert employees and patrons of the preventive health measures required by Alberta Public Health and AHS?
  6. 3.
    Have I implemented a daily screening process to ensure staff have passed a health clearance before reporting to work? Do I have a method in place to screen patrons for illness before they enter the premises?
  7. 4.
    Have I put sufficient measures in place to prevent risk of COVID-19 transmission amongst staff and patrons of my business? (e.g. Is hand sanitizer readily available to staff and patrons? Have you enhanced cleaning protocols in your place of business?)
  8. 5.
    Am I providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and patrons where the risk of infection cannot be minimized through other controls?
  9. 6.
    Have I put sufficient measures in place to ensure physical distancing (6 feet or 2 metres) and gather restrictions are being maintained?
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