Proposed Annexation Area

The quarter section north of Hwy 7 (SE 16-20-2 W5), shown in grey, is intended for a business park, to provide opportunities for goods, services, and employment. This location was chosen for its access and visibility to Hwy 7, and it allows for the extension of the existing business park within Black Diamond.

The quarter section south of Hwy 7 (NE 9-20-2 W5), and the quarter section east of Hwy 22 (SW 9-20-2 W5), show in yellow, are intended primarily for residential development, and were selected to allow for the extension of roads and services from existing residential communities within Black Diamond.

The lands to the west of Town, shown in dark green, are included largely for the strategic purpose of achieving a contiguous border between Black Diamond and Turner Valley, as this will help facilitate the amalgamation of the two towns, should they choose to do so in the future. The proposed annexation area also includes the former site of Black Diamond’s water treatment plant, which is currently being developed for a ball diamond, thereby allowing Black Diamond’s Peace Officers to provide bylaw enforcement at this facility.

Proposed Annexation Area

The two residential quarter sections are expected to accommodate 3,715 additional residents. Detailed development plans for these lands will be prepared in the future when the lands are proposed for development. Preservation of natural features, provision of parks, open space, roads, recreational trails, a range of housing types, and commercial uses will be accommodated in these areas.

Combined with the remaining undeveloped lands within the Town boundary, the annexation area will provide sufficient land for 30 – 40 years of growth, for a total Town population of 7,140.

Population Chart