Draft Bylaws

Bylaws listed here are being considered by Council.  They have had First Reading, and may also have had Second Reading. 

Check the Published Council Agendas to see when the Bylaw will be coming before Council for further Readings.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Cannabis

At the June 6, 2018 Council Meeting, Bylaw 18-04 was presented to Council for first reading.  This bylaw will amend Land Use Bylaw 98-14 to provide for Cannabis stores and Cannabis facilities within the Town of Black Diamond, Land Use Bylaw amendments require that a public hearing be held, following first reading.  The public hearing for bylaw 18-04 is scheduled for July 4, 2018. Information regarding the public hearing documentation will be included in the Agenda package for the July 4th meeting, published on June 29, 2018.