Kaiser Area Structure Plan 

The Kaiser Area Structure Plan is located at the eastern edge of Black Diamond, south of Highway 7. The existing ASP was approved in 1992 and needs to be updated in order to reflect current policies and trends in development. The Kaiser Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a long-term policy document that provides land use and servicing policy direction that will guide the future development of the neighbourhood in the southeast of Black Diamond.

The ASP provides guidelines for future development by outlining what types, sizes, intensity of development that can be located in the Plan area, the estimated layout of an open space network, and, importantly, outline the community’s vision for neighbourhood, environmental, and social elements of sustainability. ASP documents are important guideposts for community members to understand the types of development they can expect in their community, as well as for the municipality to set their expectations in dealing with developers and builders.

Well-structured ASPs will offer coordinated phasing to maximize existing services, land uses, and resources. The servicing estimates, in particular, are important for the municipality to ensure that its investment and development of the land contributes to a strong financial future for the municipality and the community members it serves.

This is a draft document that is currently under circulation to external agencies. Upon receipt of comments from these external agencies, the information and draft document will be presented to the Town of Black Diamond Council for further consideration before it is adopted.

Draft - Kaiser ASP Report January 2017

Residential Development in Kaiser - Overview from Public Presentation, June 2016