My Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)

A Provincial Election has now been called for April 16, 2019.  MLA's are no longer sitting.

Currently, the Town of Black Diamond is located in the Provincial riding known as Livingstone-Macleod.  The Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the constituency is Mr. Pat Stier.  Mr. Stier's Constituency Office contact information which is located in Nanton.  You may still conduct business at the constituency office until the election results are final, and we are incorporated into our new riding of Highwood.

The Electoral Map of Alberta has been re-drawn for the 2019 Provincial Election, and the Town of Black Diamond is now located in the riding of HIGHWOOD.  This page will be updated to provide the new MLA contact information as soon as it is available following the election.  Check the Elections Alberta website for all your voting information during this election.

Electoral maps for all Alberta constituencies can be found on the Elections Alberta website.