Community Profile

Beautiful Location

Black Diamond is a great place to be, whether you live, visit or do business here. Located in the majestic foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountain, our picturesque community ideally situated at the intersection of Highways 7 and 22, just 52 km southwest of Calgary, AB and right on the doorstep of Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park.

That means our residents have the best of both worlds. Not only are we hugged by the ranchlands along the Cowboy Trail and bordered by one of the world's most pristine wilderness and outdoor recreational areas, we're also close enough to Calgary to commute and far enough away to offer clean, quiet and easy living.


Black Diamond incorporated as a Village in 1929 and we celebrated our Town status in January 1956. We have a proud history of coal mining, oil boom times and ranching that goes back generations. That sense of history is alive and well in our vibrant downtown core, which we've carefully recreated to reflect the "Boomtown" spirit. We take a lot of pride in preserving and protecting these heritage buildings for years and generations to come.


Residents and visitors enjoy a wide range of recreation and cultural activities for every age group. Our thriving arts and business community work together to create a sense of vitality that's hard to find anywhere else. Black Diamond is alive with community events and tons to do, including shopping and dining, recreation, fitness and exploring nature.

We hate to sound like we're bragging ... but we really are a cool little town.

For a visual look at our community and the surrounding area, download our Diamond Valley Region Publication (PDF).

Some Black Diamond Facts


2,700 (2016 Stats Canada Census)

About Our Economy

Our economy is fueled by various industries and related services. Among these are:
  • Farming
  • Oil and Gas
  • Ranching
  • Residential Housing
  • Service-based Industry
  • Tourism
Home-based businesses are growing rapidly in Black Diamond, complementing the commercial and retail business community and allowing residents to shop locally more for their needs. Working from home and shopping locally also contributes to "green" solutions by minimizing environmental footprints, of which meets the Town's vision of a sustainable future.

Our Unique Character

Strategically situated on Highway 22 - also known as The Cowboy Trail- Black Diamond and our business community actively promote our colorful history. Restoration of our downtown business community through the Alberta Main Street Project encourages and preserves the original Boomtown storefronts, adding to the sense of vibrancy and character that defines our town.

Our Trading Area

We encourage our residents to be supportive of local business, and we encourage our local business to offer a unique experience. There is a mere three kilometres between the Town of Black Diamond and our nearest neighbor, the Town of Turner Valley with its additional population of over 2,000 residents. We are also located within the Municipal District of Foothills, with a trading area of more than 50,000. Add to that the fringe shoppers drawn from Calgary, which has a population of more than one million people, and you can understand why our business community is so dynamic.

For a comprehensive profile of stats, details and a complete Investment and Business Site Selection Guide, check out our award winning RISE Project. For a copy on CD or flash drive, please contact our office.