Disaster Recovery Projects

If you have any comments or require further information arising from any of the Project Updates posted here, please contact Meghan Aebig, Urban Systems, Town of Black Diamond Flood Recovery Project Manager at 403-291-1193 or by email Meghan Aebig.

Flood Mitigation / Recovery Projects
In addition to repairing damages caused by the flood, the Town has requested the services of Urban Systems and MPE Engineering Ltd. to explore flood mitigation measures for the future protection of Black Diamond. Priority projects currently underway include:
  • Reinstatement of the drainage outfall located south of Highway 22 and east of the river and installation of a backflow prevention device to prevent the river from entering the town at this point
  • Installation of erosion protection on the east side of the river, downstream of the Highway 22 bridge, including a drainage outfall system


Long-term Solutions
The Town of Black Diamond continues to work with the Quad Regional Partnership and the Province to devise long-term water servicing and flood mitigation solutions.

Note: Flood mitigation efforts are being contemplated in the context of a 100 year flood event. A 100 year flood event has a 1% probability of occurring in any given year. The province will fund flood mitigation measures designed for these 100 year events.

Project Funding
Funding for flood recovery and mitigation efforts has been provided by:
  • Disaster Recovery Program (DRP): The province has agreed to provide funding to replace Town property that was damaged by the flood and any emergency measures required during the flood.
  • Flood Recovery Erosion Control (FREC) Program (PDF): The province has created a grant to cover flood mitigation and erosion control projects.
  • Insurance: Insurance is expected to cover the cost of damages to Town buildings. For basic insurance information for residents, see this press release from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
  • Southern Alberta Flood Response Program: The province has provided funding assistance for additional staff during the flood recovery process.