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Welcome to Black Diamond

Nestled in the majestic foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, our town of 2000 people is a great place to work, visit, play or do business. Just 30 minutes south of Calgary, Black Diamond is a vibrant place that offers extraordinary natural beauty, a thriving artistic community and a taste of living history you won't find anywhere else.
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Flood Mitigation Update

September 30, 2014
A general update to ongoing flood mitigation projects  read more

Becoming A Community Builder

September 18, 2014
Black Diamond has been awarded a phenomenal leadership training program that is available to all residents of the Diamond Valley region at no cost!  read more

Water Restrictions

August 07, 2014
Water Restrictions are at LEVEL 2 and fire ban is lifted.  read more

Green Energy Doors Open

September 30, 2014
Saturday October 4th 2014-Oilfields Regional Arena /Scott Seaman Sports Rink will be opening its doors for tours.  read more

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